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The XLITE 2 answers the call for a dedicated, high-performance foil kite. A no-compromise one strut inflatable with features unique to the niche discipline of foiling. 30% lighter than our fantastic Universal+ Series Nexus, the XLITE 2 drifts in virtually no wind and will stay in the sky even when pumping through a lull.

The big news is we’ve replaced the canopy with CoreTex 2.0 and expanded the sizes on both ends. The new canopy material adds more muscle and durability -a big plus- for single strut kites. We added 2 and 3-meter sizes for slicing up the Gorge and a 13.5m for those super-light summer breezes. It wasn’t easy to shrink the XLITE 2 so we heavily modified the bridle, panels, and shape to accommodate the new smaller sizes. 

Also, check out our Sensor 3 Pro Foil Bar to complete the XLITE 2. 

The XLITE 2 comes with an amazing backpack, manual, and a repair kit. 

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EXOTEX® LIGHT ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Super light, zero stretch airframes.
New CORETEX® 2.0 CANOPY: Powerful. Durable. And UV protected.
ONE STRUT LIGHT FRAME: Lightweight driftability. Easy water relaunching.
LW PROFILE: Drift-tuned camber for light wind magic.
FUTURE-C SHAPE: For fast, tight turns when jibing.
CIT MODES: Customizable “power steering” and turning speed.
ULTRASHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: For improved kite feedback.
INSTANT RELAUNCH: Easy, strut-supported waterstarts.
SPEED VALVE 2: Fast, reduced effort inflation.
SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: High capacity, all strut inflation.
SENSOR BAR READY: Calibrated for all Sensor bar systems.

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