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Challenge anything.



Just one year after the start of the CORE wingfoil series the addition of the high performance wing Halo Pro follows. Using the highest quality materials and innovative construction, the Halo Pro allows you to perform completely new maneuvers and tricks. The Halo Pro harnesses the core strength of Aluula's high stiffness. This remarkable property, coupled with its lightweight design, allows for thinner strut diameters that maintain their shape even under heavy loads.

The continuous boom with its long grip surface not only makes familiar maneuvers more intuitive, but also makes new tricks possible.

In the different canopy segments, the CoreTex 2 was sewn in the optimal running direction in order to achieve the highest performance. When paired with the Aluula airframe, this feature allows you to pump the Halo Pro more directly, giving you an enormous amount of lift and hang time as well as a maximum direct flight feeling.



3.0 | 4.0 | 5.0 | 6.0



New! ALUULA AIRFRAME: stiffest and lightest airframe material

CORETEX® 2 CANOPY: low-stretch, extremely robust with high UV protection

New! CARBON BOOM: easy and intuitive handling

DOUBLE SPEED VALVE: fastest deflation and variable pressure

6 YEARS PARTS GUARANTEE: replacement parts availability for an average kite lifetime.



The Halo Pro comes with a comfortable backpack, manual and a repair kit.


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