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They combine the stability a beginner needs with the sportiness an advanced rider wants. Contrary to wide body beginner boards like the Funsters, these Funster Sports feature rather narrow and long hulls. As soon as you master the basics of windsurfing, they lift up to a glide in light winds instantly offering that ‘Funboard feeling’. They are designed for a big range of use: Play, learn, cruise, glide and have fun in a huge variety of conditions. Once planing they feel fast, agile and alive. 

* Retractable dagger board for stability and easy upwind sailing 
* New: Reinforced nose to prevent damages from mast impacts 
* New: Carrying straps on the nose and tail. 
* Full EVA deck with microdot structure for good grip and comfort 
* Multiple footstrap options, from an easy inboard cruising to the sportier position further out on the rail. 

They work great as beginner boards and shine with their enormous range of use, progressively unleashing their sporty potential the better you get! True all-round daggerboard funboards.

Size: 145 
Width (CM): 70 
Length (CM): 270 
Volume (L): 145 Weight (KG): 11.7 
Fin: Ride 38 + Daggerboard 

Size: 165 
Width (CM): 75 
Length (CM): 275 
Volume (L): 165 Weight (KG): 12.5 
Fin: Ride 38 + Daggerboard 

Size: 195 
Width (CM): 82.5 
Length (CM): 280 
Volume (L): 195 Weight (KG): 14 
Fin: Ride 38 + Daggerboard

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